How to choose a joiner?

Well, it is not an easy task. I suppose all of us have already experienced the situation when we made a deal with a workman, he promised us the best possible conditions in speech, then the works started. It is better to say we assumed that it started.

As time was passing on it turned out that the realization of the project was not in accordance with the previous agreement. The never ending process began: lots of stress, anxiety, uncertainty, telephone calls that were not answered, and so on...

Then the "masterpiece" was done much later than the agreed deadline. This "masterpiece" was not similar at all to the ordered one and what is more it turned out  to be more expensive than the original budget. But there was a such a great need for it that it was accepted with those conditions as well. We can recall this situation even after several years when we have a look at the actual piece of furniture. It can make us upset even then.

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