Cabinets for guns


Cabinets for guns
We make our furniture by using health-conscious environmentally friendly wood, then we apply the perfectly unique surface treatment process invented by ourselves. This is the way how we achieve the rustic, vintage look.

We produce each piece by hand and this is how we achieve the premium quality. This also means that there are no two identical pieces. The most important criterion of production is the creation of the characteristics of country style meeting the requirements of our modern age.

Due to the manufacturing process, which is carried out by hand, we can take into consideration each individual request and we are able to produce almost everything: even hand carved patterns based on individual ideas. We are willing to produce the furniture and other everyday tools of private homes, weekend cottages, motels and so on.

Our goal is to establish the country style interior in as many homes as possible with its natural, calm and intimate atmosphere.

Cabinets for guns

Cabinets for guns
44x34x160 cm

handmade, antique

scented antique wood wax